During this term we have be doing a lot of fun activities which gave us inspiration for our writing.

Our next theme is the ever clever Dr Suess!

We have been reading many of his stories and favourite stories so far would have to be "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish," and "A Fox in Sox".
We found that the story "A Fox in Sox", had lots of tongue twisters.  We practised trying to say them, however we found it so difficult it resulted in us having a good laugh when having a go!

Try this one below!

Miss Cooney had the first go at showing us a Dr Suess themed story. Have a read... what do you think?

Dr Seuss Week

One bat, two bat, three bat,
flat bat. Flat bat was unfortunately squished on a mat.
The fat ginger cat sat on the bat which was flat on the mat.
Naughty cat!

Off the cat walked out the door.
This naughty cat was off to explore.
Explore more? Why would this naughty cat walk out the door to explore more?

Cat continued on, off up the hill. Look at how long it was, this hill was ready to kill…me, oh my! Why must I walk when I am ready to fly. Fly? Maybe not fly. If I fly by, I’d be ready to cry.

The cat yelled, “hooray”, he was at the top. He was so tired, he couldn’t help but flop. Quick, up you hop!  I have to be good, because there is a cop! The cop made a quick stop and handed him a lollipop from a shop.

Few! Cat didn’t get in trouble, he was nice and safe in his amour shield bubble. But, uh oh! The very next step he slipped on some rubble!

Poor Cat was hurt. Oh, how he longed for the comfort of a couch.
Then he could rest, and return to his best. He’d finally be able to face the real test.

What is this test, this test you say?

I think it’s a secret, I’ll tell you another day.

Anyway, that's all from us. We will report back when we have finished our stories.  We would love to share them with you!


  1. A very talented teacher in room 22, I look forward to reading some more Dr Seuss themed stories.


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