In room 22 we have been very busy, we have been doing a lot of experiences to give us some awesome things to write about.

We wanted to share this awesome science experiment with you called "The Black Snake".

NOTE: This science experiment was done in a controlled environment and should NOT be attempted at home. :)

For our ingredients we needed.
-Bicarbonate of soda

For our equipment we needed.
-Lighter fluid
-Measuring jug
-Measuring spoons

We decided to come up with a hypothesis.  Some of us thought that is was going to burn up really fast, some thought it might even pop and jump out of the bowl.

However, when we tested our hypothesis we found that the bicarbonate of soda let off carbon dioxide gas which cause the sugar to expand!

Interesting huh!

Take a look at our cool pictures.  We took a photo of the flame, we thought it looked like a fox.  Can you see it?


  1. I know it burn also it coal and fire makes burning coal

  2. Be Careful With Fire And Thats Amazing
    From Zain

  3. The flame does look like a fox. Good spotting. Great to see the level of thinking. All the hypotheses were worth checking.


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